My New Telly

September 9, 2007


Oh oh, whats Simon bought now. Well it seems to be a 40` Sony Bravia LCD Television in swish black and its making him very happy indeed.  For too long have I been bathed in the radiation of my CRT watching standard def television squinting at the meger 28` of horror that would go make colours go wierd when ever I put Family Guy on. No more I say no more, I now have a TV thats lets you know its there, in the lounge you see the couches, you see the piles of various media stacked up in every corner and now you also see an enormous goram TV saying “Hello, I’m here you should probably watch me”. Nice.


Simon’s New Computer

June 19, 2007
picture-005-medium.jpg picture-009-medium.jpg

Oh yes… its that time again, once every two years a very special event happens, Simon gets shiny new computer bits. My current system was starting to show its age, having to play games on lower and lower setting was getting too much and the constant overheating from years of being overclocked by 25% was starting to annoy, also my long awaited purchase of the game Stalker was too much, I wanted all the prettyness. Within the hour I was on to Scan to grab my goodies.

What I’ve ended up with is a Core 2 Duo 2.1Ghz currently at 2.8Ghz, 2Gb of Corsair XMS DDR2 and a Nvidia 8800GTS… which as I am sure we are all aware = MakeGamesGoSuperRealGoodNow Machine, also all the photo processing I am doing now will actually happen within the hour woho! The one thing I am not ready for though is the jump to Vista, not ready for that downgrade yet. When all those DirectX 10 games (‘Alan Wake’ anyone?) happen I’ll maybe consider it, until then I’ll enjoy the relitive wealth of speed and comsumer rights XP has.

One thing I did not expect is how large CPU coolers have become, this beasty Zalman thing I got is amazing, nicely quiet and keeps my widdle Core2 at a healthy 45c-50c no problem, but its just so strange how this design can work so well, heat pipes are an odd invention. The other thing is the amount of power graphics cards now need, 2 12v power connectors on different rails! flipping mental, good job I did not go with the 8800GTX graphics, need 4 of those things to get going. I get the feeling I’m really pushing my 340w power supply on this new system, its still working so we shall see.

All in all, a lot of money, unscrewing, sweat and a little bit of blood later I got my self happiness in a box, for another few years anywho… Obivion, daddys coming back!! :S

Salling Clicker – iTunes remote control through your phone

May 29, 2007

When I first got my N80 I loved the idea Nokia had of being able to use the wifi to remote control your PC and play video and all that wonderful stuff.  What Simon didn’t love was that the software used to make it all work was slow and shonky.  It would take days to find the songs and videos, hours starting up seeing if anything new is there, minutes to respond to anything you told it to do and seconds to eat up half the memory you had to just sit there and do nothing. Very very shoddy and horrible to use.

So I read about this here Salling Clicker mobile thang and am cautious but you know hey its a Monday bank holiday, if you cant go crazy then, then when can you. Armed with my sense of adventure I give it a go, it supported my N80, that was a good start, it sorted out all the what to install for me, lovely, so I fire it up and connect using the Wifi. Right away on my phone I can choose iTunes, Media Player or Powerpoint, I choose iTunes and holy crap my PC fires up iTunes and its good to go, you even get a little iPod style display on the phone to use, awesome.

Using the trial version is a pain in the arse as it disconnects after 30 commands but I’ll give it a go and see if I actually end up using it. I think I will as I hate leaving the kitchen to skip tracks while cooking, I’m just glad someone made this program well enough to only use 10meg of memory so I’m happy to leave it in the background. Simon is a happy techie.

Whos to blame

April 28, 2007

The Daily Show : Who’s to Blame

The more I see The Daily Show the more it seems to me to be the only show in America that speaks any sort of sense, out of the American shows I see over in England anyway.  When I see they are talking about the Virginia Tech shooting I can only guess how they are going to laugh about it.  I was glad when they decided to highlight how awful the media gets post tragedy and get into the whole `what one thing is to blame except us` debate.  There is nothing I hate more than ignorant people expressing ignorant views but when they make it onto TV it defies belief and in America they seem to be out right in charge.  I hear about people coming out and saying he must have played computer games, he must have watched movies, heaven forbid it was just the result of a lifetime of choices resulting in one awful act when someone can outright blame one thing to forward their own agenda.

This culture of the easy answer is just so wrong for so many reasons. Why ever bother trying to ban anything when you have a society that allows easy access to guns, there always will be someone out there who will just snap for reasons far beyond seeing a film of zombies or watching some pixels fall down. What is by far the more important issue is what can they get hold of when they do.

Anyway well done Daily Show, your convincing me that not all of American TV is run by the stupid.

Ode to Stargate :(

March 15, 2007

The day any geek fears, their favourite show comes to an end, today is my day of mourning for SG1. What started off as something to watch that was a bit different from Star Trek soon grew into my series of choice. I watched it on Channel 4 since it was on, I watched it on Sky One when I could get cable, I’d run round to friends houses during those annoying times when moving house and the cable isn’t turned on yet. As sad as it is to admit, mates would gather on Tuesday nights for the 2 hour SG1 / Atlantis sessions, which even brought two of said friends together and (at least since last time I herd) are still going strong.

Its had its great episodes, its had its bad episodes (the `family values` episode with like two more to go before the end of the whole show, how weak was that), its awesome share of comedy episodes, a standard by which all non comedy shows should be judged, I’ve seen them all and now there will be no more. All that remains is a pile of box sets for a speaker stand and a photo of me and Tony Amendola (Bra’Tac).

So take this lesson and heed it, love what you have and enjoy it well as sooner or later Fox will take’ith away.

UK photography to be illegal, a petition told me.

February 28, 2007

I’ve been hearing random things about the idea that new legislation is being brought in to ban public photography in the UK. `How odd` I thought, `perhaps the state is planning to take control of us all slowly as so many films have warned me`. So of course I go to this online petition sign my details up because of course I would not stand for a government I’m paying for to no let me take photos of the streets I have also paid for.

I then step back, think to myself, why would anyone want to do this, what would be the point and in no way is it enforceable? I research further, well Google around a bit anyway, and of course it has all been blown out of proportion. David Kessel, publicity secretary for the Southern Photographic Federation at some point mentioned the idea of amateur photographers having an ID card of some sort to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, but his idea is apparently being turned down as being just plain silly. As it always goes people learn of something, the possible implications of that something are then talked around and turn into certain fact.

I shall remember from now on to ignore news that blatently makes no sense.

Hot Fuzz

February 9, 2007

Hot Fuzz

So yeh you know how it is you go the cinema you get in for free you sit down and eat your free pop corn, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost popup to introduce their film and on comes the film no trailers nothing, bam Hot Fuzz is on. Just another normal trip to the cinema I guess yeh, I wish. Man I love screenings even more than ever now, its how the cinema should be. We didn’t know they were gonna be there so how jaw droppingly chuffed was Jen and I when in they wander, utterly awesomely awesome. They came back after the film for a typical style Q&A and Jen fired off a question, go her, I didnt as I got too self concious about asking a crap question, looser. Very funny guys though.

If you want a quick review well the Hot Fuzz, wow, how great, a friend of a friend had said it was better than Shawn of the Dead to which I pulled one of those `you shouldnt throw around those kind of words lightly` kinda faces and didnt think anything of it. I get it now, it’s definitly up there with Shawn of the Dead and its not just Spaced in the police, its genuinely a great Slasher Action Comedy (couldnt think of a whitty abbreviation for it sorry) and shows how a British film can hold its own against anything Holywood can even hope to throw at us. Great action, great comedy, perhaps all the best things in life are free after all. Awesome.