Hard Candy – Offically `My Most Unconfortable Film Ever`

Ok so I always thought I was fairly unaffed by films, to the point that I was questioning whether or not Im just dead inside but my god was I wrong.

Went to see Hard Candy few days ago as part of `The Times` free screenings not entirely sure what to expect knowing only the theme is child molesetation. Anywho so we all go and see it and wow what a film. Pretty much from the off I defensively cross my arms watching this guy groom some kid online, from that point on I cant help but get feel more and more unsettled by this film. Without giving anything away the middle point is by far the most wriggly i’ve ever been but I tell you want I’ve never been so intent on knowing whats going to happen next in the cinema.

The whole is he or isn’t he issue in the film is fantastic, really brings home the point that its easy to sway someones opinon by showing intense emotion as you keep on changing your yey or neh all the way throughout the film.

Excellent but very very uncomfortable watching.

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