Vodaphone didn’t want my money?

Ok so there are am shopping with my better half on a Saturday afternoon, gone a little bit phone crazy, my contract is up for renewal and the only phone that halfway appeals to me, the Nokia N80, isnt anywhere to be found. Starting to twitch a bit my last port of call is Phones4U, I go in and look around, no where to be seen. One of the assistants must have seen past my drap `im not going to buy anything` student attire and senced my desparation. I really have gotta start dressing like im a member of society again He asks if he can help to which I reply `N80` in my usual calm collected manner at which point he points at the phone Im standing right next to then ushers me over to one of those little desks and he disappears into the back. I sit and wait, Jen must have known I would be some time and went shopping else where.

He brings the phone out and starts telling me what it can do, luckily for me I already knew that the heavans would rain beautiful nakid women upon me if I bought this phone and started playing with the phone. I fumble over it for about 10 seconds and with all my reading up on the Symbian 9.1 OS all I can think is `ohh Shiney`. He must have seen I would be at my weakest with the silver model Hanging my head in shame I ask how much, expecting to get up and run away from the bombardment of 000’s that would follow. The deal he said was better than anything id seen on the net unfortunatly and I reached for my wallet ready to madly shove money in his face. Well anywho 20 minutes later I’m still sitting there wondering why I wasn’t outside playing dodge the falling women, apparently Vodaphone were having trouble figuring out who I am. I told the assisant to tell them they could come round for a cup of Tea but he said that wouldnt help. Another 20 minutes later the assisant is trying to get them to accept my ID, after a lot of swiping around and sitting on hold, Vodaphone refused me apparently.

`Strange`, I thought, as I got a contract with the same ID two years ago when I was a lowley student with a throughly depressing overdraft. It couldn’t have been any sort of credit rating thing as I’ve never had a proper loan, let alone not paid one off. While I was still pondering why I coudnt just throw money at the nice man and go he goes off to see what else he can do. Apparently, he could get someone else to do the credit check on so I ring up Jen and calmly explain the situation and to get here very very quick so I can be a happy bunny.

I’d just be repeating my self here so needless to say another half an hour later Vodaphone did not want to give me a phone. To make matters more irritating I can’t try and get one again for 3 months incase they refuse again which apparently would affect my credit rating??

It seemed like they didn’t like me, no explaination, nothing, might as well have said `naa not today thanks we don’t really need any more money`.

Let this be a lesson to everyone, play hard to get or no one will want you!!

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