Nokia N80

Wooooo, I’ve finally got it, woooooo. Two seconds to decide on the phone, three weeks of searching for a suitable tarrif, two days to deliver and a whole lotta fun for a whole lotta time, my new phone the Nokia N80 smartphone.

My previous experience with a smart phone was an expensive, fun but ultimately unsucessful one. My Sony Erricson P800 cost a fortune was bigger than I thought and pretty much unhelpful as an actual phone. I spent £340 outright for the phone then used my Orange payg in there, I then proceeded to buy the memory stick and the memory stick reader and the case and the screen protector and a few bits of software for it. All in all quite a bit of money for something that I then sold a few months later for, yep you guessed it, £340 after I realised I stopped taking it out as it was not comfortable. But I had good clean geeky fun, which is surely the whole point. I had learned my lesson, don’t go crazy over something shiny without thinking if I actually wanted it or not.

As posted last week, after having gone crazy over something shiny, I finally had it in the show room and decided all calm and collected like, that I physically needed that phone for the sake of all that is good and pure. After my `set back` I had time to decide properly about the phone and concluded that I wanit I wanit I wanit and that in fact it is only a little bit bigger than my 6230 and actually looks like a phone aswell, which was a plus. With my 2nd trip to phones4u resulting in a sucession of initally heavy handed sales people getting very confused after the word Smart-phone, offering deals that required more and more math to equate the total cost, I decided to get out with my life and go with Orange online. £25/m, £50 phone, shiny thing in Simon’s grubby little hands, nice.

Where was I, oh yeh, so I got a new phone, there isnt much it can’t do to be honest. Its a 3mp Camera, but who cares right cause all camera phone photos look rubbish, its a radio, its an mp3 player, its a video player, its a games console, hell it can be a frickin server on my wireless network if i set it up right. Oh and it’ll make ringing noises and vibrate at random times in the day, yet to figure out why. Stay posted.

But all those things pale in comparison to what I really want it for, GPS in Simon’s, also very shiny all over, car. I’ve read about phone GPS stuff and people have said that its all good and just as useful as the standalone GPS units, so off I go. Gone will be the days of watching Hywel speed off into the night in central Birmingham after a nationals with me having absolutly no clue where to go, woo.

From what I’ve played with so far I really really really like this phone, it’s comfortable to hold use and carry and purdy to look at. The screen is an ok size but very clear, it’s great how a light sensor makes the backlight darker or lighter depending how bright it is. The photos even come up looking reasonably good (for camera phones photos) when taken in automatic, will post some later. I have not managed to setup the internet through Orange yet but through the house Wifi having Google on your phone is something to feel very smug about I feel, pub quizes here I come ;). Since I last saw the symbian OS, the OS on the P800 and this N80, its come a long way and the programs people have made are a lot more funky and useful from what I’ve been reading any way. Will get back to those at some point when I’ve had a chance to play.

If I was going to gripe about something, it would be the response time to using the basic stuff, a few times I’ve had to wait a few seconds for a text message to come up other times its been instant, i’m sure it’ll be ok once I’ve sorted it out. Using it really quite a lot for about 6 hours I found that the battery was on 2 bars out of 7 which annoyed me a bit but I suppose I have had the Wifi and bluetooth on for most of that time so I blame me entirely for that. Oh and when its in standby mode it wants to blink a bright blue light at me so I have to turn it face down which is kind of annoying. I really doubt it that will be enough to make this another P800 though, will it, no, will it? ahhh..

Time will tell if once I’m past all the `ohhhhh` factor of it, if I actually end up using all this stuff on this thing, I really hope so as its very pretty 🙂

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