Welsh Jitsu Nationals

This weekend was a truly historic event, the first Welsh Jitsu Nationals at the Sofia Gardens in Cardiff, theres the UK nationals and the Scottish nationals so why not the Welsh. Ok so there are only actually 2 clubs on TJF in Wales but its for every one and covering the Bristol clubs alone thats a huge catchment as it is.

Despite the huge resentment I have for getting up eariler than my brain deems fit on a weekend getting every one there was not a problem. There was the minor problem at the beginning where the centre had put their mats on loan to a judo competiton and so if you look you will see a us rolling on a small number of exercise mats at the start. That was a whole lotta pain for the stupid amoung us who did not realise to breakfall on softer more forgiving thin bit of mat. Eeep.

All went well tho when the mats arrived, pile of hurt dished out in the sweltering heat of the dance studio we inhabited. I did think at the time that everyone was that sweaty but looking at the photos no it seemed it was just me who had their knees on display through their 99% liquid gi trousers. Nice. Humm damm my size. Lots of good stuff taught and was a lot of fun, it does seem to be the more fun, the more severe the bruises you get afterwards. It was very much a whos biggest competition afterwards.

Night out after was good stuff, drinking in the centre then off to the bar where a floor had been hired, props to keith who managed a quite spectacular glasses tower, see photos. Drinking and debortery after at another club that seemed to be playing a house music timeline which was quite excellent.

Casualty report : (Thousands of bruises aside) My right little finger hurts a bit & an oranges leg I heard started spurting blood, I didnt ask any further into that matter??

2 Responses to Welsh Jitsu Nationals

  1. Ki says:

    My bruises are fading of their own accord… need more… lets have another historic welsh nationals this weekend!! As for gi fashion faux pas… have you seen the size of my jitsu big pants in that picture? Not my sexiest!!! Ah well, at least you got one of me n alex getting a bit grrr… note the smiles on the observers’ faces… here’s to the sharp edge, our repository of pain!

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