Dammed Alarm Clock

For the 2nd time this week I’ve found my self having to pile into the shower at 10 to 9 and arrive at work 15 minutes late. No before you ask there is absolutly no way I’ll be at my desk for 8 hours unshowered, no way. My alarm has been going off as normal, I don’t remember turning it off this morning and going to sleep, might just be a reflex by now how knows, but the only thing in common with the past two nights where i’ve overslept is that I have actually gone to bed when I felt tired.

Normally I’ll be up till I feel the burn a bit, then work through that, then get to bed about 2ish, a bit of Scrubs or Family Guy then curl up and go to sleep. These two days, I’ve actually just gone to sleep. Is it that I’m just out of routine or something cause I normally get up so regularly now I don’t even thing about it. I read about this alarm clock that has a wrist band that monitors your sleep and wakes you up at the ideal time to stop you from feeling dodgy. Sounds great but at £200 I think i’ll wait 🙂

Not too sure why I’m writing this down but I think it needs to be said. No digidy.

One Response to Dammed Alarm Clock

  1. Jen says:

    You need someone to poke you awake with a big pointy stick!

    Failing that I can always ring you at 8am every morning, just to make sure you’re up?

    Just trying to be helpful like 😉

    Jen xxx

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