.. brief aside ..

`As he sat there contemplating what icon to establish next Simon couldnt help but let his mind wonder on to the events of the past few days. Still slightly hung over from the bottle red consumed over last nights barbarque he wasnt in the best of states to perform his daily tasks. The sun, the swimming, the oblivion, it all came flooding into his head and swelled till there was nothing left. He had managed the whole weekend without being sun burnt but in his head the damage was irrepearable. His feelings had taken over began to consume him with wave after wave of what if’s and how come’s. The turmoil was almost too much to bare under the heavy weight of the world.

Little did he know it was almost lunchtime, he would emerge the victor. This time.`

One Response to .. brief aside ..

  1. Jen says:

    Very poetic of you!

    Spunds like you had an ….interesting weekend LOL!

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