5000 / 27

Any math geeks think this is also a funny? Come on people it is isnt it??


5 Responses to 5000 / 27

  1. jen says:

    Speaking with only a D in GCSE maths to my name, I am not a maths geek, but can still appreciate the humour there.I think 😉

    Surely that’s really rare, the same number being recurrent like that?

  2. jen says:

    p.s..arggghhh you said ‘math’!!!!!!

    One of my pet hates lol….

  3. Arwel says:

    WTF? i’m not shit at maths, but other than the recurringness (and the fact it would be dumbed down to 185.2)

    is the humour that it is recurring itself?

  4. Si says:

    The mans got it.. isnt so much funny just found it curious..

  5. Jen says:

    But that’s what I was getting at too! Sort of. LOL.

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