Life Aquatic

Its rare when a film keeps on going over and over in my head, it’s even rarer when I see a trailer and really don’t like the look of it then end up watching it when I don’t especially feel like watching a film. Basically, it had a lot of work to do to get me to like it but wow did it work hard.

Having gone off Bill Murray since seeing Lost in Translation as have realised he always plays the same guy. After the first few minutes I’m thinking oh here we go again, 2 hours of somber Bill doing his thing. All I can say is that it’s nice his style works so well in the film. Since seeing him in Broken Flower aswell Bill is back on my good side god bless him.

I think the thing that keep on playing on my mind is Geff Goldblum’s character. Not sure why, I think its because his character is really off beat with the rest of the film, though the whole film is offbeat so I suppose it ties in nicely but he seems a further minim from the rest of the film. I dunno, but anywho yeh loved the film despite all the resistance at the beginning. Such a good style of sober crazyness, abolsultely loved the random bizzare animated creatures they stick in throughout the film. Definitly going to be looking out for more Wes Anderson films, very funny, obsurd and engrossing. 🙂

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