Whatsup Switchheads, well what a fun week it has been.  No I'm not talking about my phone for once, saving that for later when i've figured it out.  Been all like crazy this weekend, apart from Mr Buckley's birthday curry at the gorgeous Vojon me and Miss Burton nipped down to Southampton for a long over due vist to see my sis, get back in time for the jitsu post grading dinner and find the time to clear my spyware riddled computer, thats what I get for opening a very dodgy file straing off a website, it only takes 5k it seems to let every other piece of crap the net has to offer onto my machine, grrr.

Southampton, very pretty, very green.  Was a good chance to get dressed up for a good cause, my sisters friend was raising money for Macmillian Cancer Nurses and so threw a ball at Southampton cricket ground and had raffles and auctions and the like.  Perhaps the most impressive auction of the night was an England shirt signed by the World Cup team which went for £450.  My sister's boyfriend bought a signed Portsmouth shirt and ball for a rather more modest £60.  Jen and I sat and cowered in a corner incase any stray movement lead to us buying more than we have in our accounts.  Much fun, much drinking = sucessful I'd say.

Going the wrong way around Britian aside we made it back in time for post grading foodidge.  Having herd the good news that everyone in our club passed, I was then told I had been given the clubs `Most Improved` award this year, go me 🙂 what it basically means I was terrible but enthusiastic and now I'm not entirely aweful 🙂 recognition… finally.. lol.. shortly after the food the weekend had taken its toll and Jen and I went home while everyone else went and got drunk good. Photos on everyone else's Flickr pages but mine 🙂

L8r Bum Goblins

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