Wow what a film.  Jet Li's last film and he goes with a bang.  I don't know if its a true story or based on a true story or something but I'd like to think Jet Li wanted to do this to show people what Woshu (and every martial art) was about, not just how pretty it is and it is by the way, very pretty.  You can see how elegant the art is when contrasted with the Japaneese arts shown at the end, huge difference.  Definitlely appreciated the 3 section staff fight, such a hard weapon to use yet you see it and cant believe whats being done with it.

It was good to see a good bit of hand to hand in the film though there was pretty much every eastern weapon you can imagine used at some point.  There are loads of fight scenes in there all beautifully done, none of that cut&paste close ups that annoy me oh so much, little bit of wire work and them bringing a world of pain, really enjoyed the film.  It had a point to bring but didn't scarifice the pretty pretty fight scenes.  Well worth seeing if you do a martial art, well worth seeing if you don't 🙂

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