I just want to look good nakid!

An admirable goal and probably the best line from American Beauty.  I can’t say I’m the most self concious person in the world, if i was my god i’d be in a state right now, I have certainly never been referred to as sport orientated, then again who has.  Any who I’m wondering again.  When I was about 6 maybe 7 I was a good bet on sports day mainly because I had an extra foot in height above the competition, my parents must have been so proud.  Well after that nature went its way and of course the people who were actually good at everything began to horrendously leave me in their dust, that’s life I guess, my training reigime of Lego and Lemmings will never be in a best seller but I’d do it again dag nam it.  Well `How pathetic` you might say, but not so fast, I did retain my glory by being utterly unbeatable in swimming which looking back was pretty cool but still my love for activity was on a steady slope.

By the time I managed secondary school I would throughly say I was un-sporty, `woho` I’d frequently hear my self say. My reign of terror in the pool was at an end also as a county champion arrived in my year and so that was me done and done, never eh.  Where was i going with this oh yeh so by my 2nd year of uni my Guinness and Curry belly had caught up with me I decided that action was needed.  Two of my flatmates were doing Jui Jitsu so I thought what the hey it looks like fun so off I go on my quest.

One year into Jitsu, 3 years into uni and I realise that I’m pretty much where I was a year ago, no worse but no better and still getting out of breath quickly and turning blue.  I’d like to think it was because I was turned Super Sayjin but I later found out it was oxygen deprevation and something needed to be done if I was to survive a session and reach my goal.  The answer, my northern flatmate and hetero-sexual life partner Mr Buckley, who show’d me how to look like I knew what I was doing in the gym.  Keeping on the free weights and resistance machines for a few months and I really started to see a difference, this work I was doing really started to pay off as coupling this with lashings of porridge before a session I was managing without any problems. I was getting worried, I was thinking about my self as being sportier?

Ok so I’m staying the same colour while throwing people around, lovely but I’m still not pretty, what going on.  Well as it seems the best thing to happen was for me to no longer be able to use the gym as my student days were over and it was the uni gym.  What to do now, well I started swimming again and the circle is complete, my lost sport.

It didn’t take long, only a few weeks in, and I start to see a difference in the belly, dazed and confused I start weighing myself and who’d have thunk it, for the first time ever I was actually loosing weight and it felt good.  A few months in and I start to worry about loosing the muscle I’d gained at the gym so start using resistance gloves at the pool.  Best thing I ever did as a few weeks later and bam they were back.

Finally I seem to be on course and it has only taken about 3 years, better late than never I suppose.  I know I’m far from there yet but be nice to me and you can judge for your self 😉 you know where to find me.

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