Pirates of the Caribbean II

Hum well yes, the word `Meh` certainly does fit this film quite nicely.  I was really excited about this film, I loved the first one, probably only because of Jonney and the greatness he brings to any film. However the producers did not seem to realise this otherwise this sequal would have been 90 minutes of Jonney going `yarr`, unfortunatly this was not the case.

After arriving for an 8pm showing and being greeted by enormous lines and a sign saying `sold out` we decided to hang around till the 9pm showing and queue in an equally enormous line, no fun there then.  So yeh started well, Jonney soon makes his entrance, makes you laugh, then the mistake of a large number of scenes without him in ensues, whats all that about.  I couldn’t help but feel this film was bring held back by people saying `the last film did well, lets keep everything the same as before` and thats what watching it felt like.  All the scenes feel disjointed and the story line just seems to be a way of leading onto another typical priate scene you have kind of seen in the last film.

I have always seen the good Mr Depp in roles which he has created himself and made his own and I couldnt help but feel like he wasn’t allowed to progress his Captain Jack as I got the feeling of well he’s just done it all before.  It isnt that I didnt like the film, it was funny and AMAZING graphics but certainly wasn’t as good as the first one and if it wasn’t for my favourite man it would have fallen over completely.  The film finishes setting itself up for the 3rd, I’d guess that that will be more of the same, don’t think i’ll go and see that one, renter at best.

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