Nokia N80, why you should & shouldn’t

I’ve had this little monster for quite a few weeks now and have began to loose the initial ohhh factor I get when ever I buy anything.  I have given up my inconvenient but 0 cost arrangement of my old 6230 and moved on up, but was it worth it?

First reason why you shouldn’t, well if you don’t care about your phone being able to use the net, watch DivX and Flash videos, play mp3s, listen to the radio, use messenger, read email, wirelessly connect to your media centre, play 3D games, take `reasonable` photos, work on Office documents and make you a better person then you should probably not get this phone.  If your like me and revel in the fact that you’ve got a mini computer in your pocket then your going to love it.

You can search anywhere and find a list of specs on what the N80 is and can do, but you rarely see a list of what it does that is good enough to actually be useful. So, what makes this thing good:

  • The Internet browser is actually quite good and once you’ve figured out the buttons it’s actually quite good.
  • To some extent the Camera, look on my Flickr photos, you’ll see lots of the usual rubbish camera phone style indoor shots, eg Vics BBQ, but the outdoor shots went way beyond what I expected from a phone, eg Thorpe Park.
  • My large manly fingers have had problems with phone keypads ever since my 3210, my minute Samsung A300 was a nightmare but this keypad is excellent, feels nice and solid and not chance of missing a button on this thing
  • The screen is really sharp and a pretty decent size for looking at photos.
  • Dosn’t feel too heavy in my pocket, 132g is borderline i’d say, but not uncomfortable, this is my main plus about the phone as I hate heavy phones since my P800 brick.
  • Its a frickin Smartphone that isnt enormous.

The things that bug me about it:

  • The battery life, the specs say 8 days, I do not know where Nokia got that from but it is a huge huge lie.  With it sitting there doing nothing I have got 4 almost 5 days, day to day use 2-3 max.  I’ve gotten used to having to charge it after the 2nd day now.  I suppose I was spoilt with my 6230’s 10 days.
  • The blinking blue light when it is in stand by mode, come on Nokia, I know I haven’t turned my phone off, I don’t need a reminder in the corner of my eye every 5 seconds.
  • Out of memory errors, supposedly fixed when you upgrade the phone’s software which I have not yet done, but as a developer I fail to see how such an obvious bug was not noticed.
  • As it is an Orange phone, Orange saw it fit to add a little message asking if I want to send a photo I’ve just taken over their expensive extra service and no option to turn it off.  Suprisingly I do not want to do this, quit bugging me. ahhhh.
  • The Nokia music software is just plain rubbish, I use iTunes alot and swear by it, Nokia’s attempt at a music manager is laughably awkward and just plain SLOW SLOW SLOW, I just put the music on there manually.
  • I also found Nokia’s Music Centre to be just plain slow and awefullly done, for a program that is supposed to sit there until its needed, taking up 80 MB of memory just seems ridiculous.  Also connecting to the Media Centre on the phone is very slow and takes a good 10 seconds before the computer responds.  How ever this could just be because of my network, I have not used this function a lot yet.

Ok so thats my little breakdown of things that I love and loath about the N80.  In its defence though most of the loathes are fixable and the battery life is fair enough considering what the phone is doing with a teeny battery.

After having had this phone for a while now I’m glad it was not another one of my stupid haze of crazy-fog buys, isnt too big, isnt annoying to use and once more cool programs come out for it I’m sure I won’t shutup about it 🙂

Photos taken Outside

Photos taken Inside-ish

6 Responses to Nokia N80, why you should & shouldn’t

  1. jimbo says:

    I too have left behind my old trusty nokia

    Like many I have had a new battery because of short life

    It can be lenghtened by holding the menu button until the background programmes running appear as small squares — these can then be individually cancelled until only standby running (not in handbook)

    The previous letter has helped me stop it going to orange as soon as I take a picture

    The blue light annoys the hell out of me when night driving

    A converter for bluetooth hands free using your old CARK91 can be got from blueunplugged (does not charge the phone though)

    Overall am I glad to change ??? Sort of reluctantly

  2. Si says:

    Yeh perhaps the most useful function there is is the holding down that menu key and killing off the background programs. I’m sure having 3D Snake still running in the background can not be a good thing for the battery.

    I’m definitly glad I changed from my 6230, even though that phone was very good, the geek in me prevailed 🙂

  3. kOoLiNuS says:

    one note, i DO like the blinking light on a cellphone, it comes handy at dark or when it’s in a bag or when you go to bed and see it blink and you remember to switch it off 🙂

  4. Si says:

    You must have a very dark bag 🙂 I never turn it off, otherwise id forget to turn it back on, so just seems stuipd to me.

  5. Oooo Danny Boooy says:

    The Internet browser is “actually quite good” and once you’ve figured out the buttons it’s “actually quite good”.

    O RRY?

  6. Natera says:

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