Throws and Pillows?

Regarding my upcoming new job, flat and life in a few weeks, I was given three golden rules of moving in with a women by the blokes at work today which was unanimously agreed on throughout the room.

  1. Throws
  2. Pillows
  3. Nothing will be chosen by you (Excluding your corner of a room where all your belonging are)

I do not doubt this is the case, my parents are the same in the extreme, everything was chosen by mum and my dad has his study where every bit of junk he’s ever bought resides.  I can not help but think however if this is universal truth or not.  Is there an evolutionary reason why women decide on the home and remove everything the man owns from sight? I’m stumped at that one.  Is it just what women need to do and men mostly don’t mind that much?  Don’t understand that one much, I’ll conclude this thought in a few years when I know more.

5 Responses to Throws and Pillows?

  1. jennacb says:


    You’ll be pleased to hear, I don’t own any throws.And only own two cushions. But they are fluffy ones, and in girly colours. Oh well…..

  2. Vic says:

    I think it’s mostly because men own junk and make a mess. Women like things to look pretty. Also most women are control freaks and like things their way. That’s just life though!


  3. jennacb says:

    Vic-you’ve hit the nail on the head there! Lol…

  4. Si says:

    Its all true, were all too busy watching football and reading Zoo to realise what a mess were making. Were all the same.

  5. jennacb says:

    lol!! Sorry, forgot you don’t like sweeping generalisations 😉

    I’m laughing as much at the thought of you reading Zoo 😀

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