Lookes like I’ve moved?

Lounge Unpacked

Humm whats happened here? Appears I’ve moved, eep, not in Swansea anymore and I’ve missed meeting David Tennent, gutted. On the up side got a swanky new flat with the lady and just had my first day at work. All very scary stuff but quite exciting actually. I’ve always been a creature of routine so imagine what its like to have everything utterly change around you in a few days. Crazy. I’ll give it a month before I pass any judgement but nothing’s lookin bad so far once I get the little matter of being able to park out of the way πŸ™‚

But yeh flats looking good now its all unpacked, work seems ok once I’ve figured everything out, area looks nice, work has a corperate account at a gym (which I intend to take full advantage of), spare room in making a good computer room and I’m almost below 100kg.Β  Woo, now if I can just get used to it all???

One Response to Lookes like I’ve moved?

  1. jennacb says:

    hehe I’m your lady, I like it πŸ˜€

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