Embrace @ Colston Hall, Bristol


Jen and I went to see Embrace play at Colston Hall, loved the building, the one thing I always thought Swansea lacked was a decent concery hall. The Delays were a good warm up band and as is the tradition I shall find their album and buy it, I’m such a tool.

Great gig, was 1 person deep from the front so I thought an ideal position for some good photos, it appears I was wrong as every scene I try and get was obscured by a tall bloke in the front.. grr.. oh well. Definitely the most sucessful number of half decent photos taken at a gig I done yet. Soo so so so hard to get any sort or shot with so little light around but I took soo many at least a few had to have come out well. So yeh all good 🙂

6 Responses to Embrace @ Colston Hall, Bristol

  1. Jen says:


  2. Ah Well, shame Embrace announced they are splitting http://www.nme.com/news/24422

    I mostly like Radiohead

  3. gasheaduk says:

    Haha! You had a much better view than me! I was about halfway up the balcony! I still enjoyed it though. Nice pics by the way.

  4. Si says:

    Get wif the times man dats old newz. Embrace ain’t doin n0 such fing, this so called news site of yours, this N M E??? is sooo wrong. They ain’t they said so I herd Danny say it in person, how did you hear it, not in person i’d bet. Radiohead make me want to die cause they bore the poo out of me, oh were so special and alternative, yeh how alternative are you really you big panzies
    Cheers gash. Wish I had taken pics from different view points really. oh well. good view up on that balcony.

  5. sam clark says:

    Hi there I was just infront of you at the Colston hall concert coz that tall bloke was stood in front of me!! I did try and kick him in the back of the legs a few times hoping he would fall!! What a great gig! Am off to Pompey on wednesday to see them again

  6. Si says:

    lol nice.. I did try and get the shots without his silhouette in but mostly failed.. I’m really concious about being in a crowd at concerts being about 6ft I try not to get in the way of people and stayed at the side so could still get decent photos, being as tall as that guy was he could have at least bent down on the rail.. way to commit travelling for a band.. hardcore.. 🙂

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