Replacing an Ipod Mini battery

You’ve got an Ipod that you’ve had it for ages and are perfectly happy with, why wouldn’t you be it does what you want it to do perfectly, then after a while you’ve started to notice the battery is’nt all that it used to be, those 9-5 sessions on shuffle 5 days a week are slowly becoming the three hours you really need to concentrate on that annoying bug.  Before you know it you need to bring its USB cable into work to keep it going, not a problem it still works, but then one day your on a train, screaming kids n all so you try to drown them out only to realise 10 minutes in that battery by now dosn’t even last that long. The experience reminds you you really should do something about this. The solution, get the battery replaced!

Of course apple don’t want you to do this, they want you to buy a whole new one (hence the redesign every 2 years or so, the life time of the battery) so they charge you £150 for the new £20 battery making the obvious choice the go buy the shiny new Ipod.

Being as frugal as I am and knowing the new very cool big touchey screeny model will be out at some point, I decide to grab a new battery from Maplin and do the £130 task myself 🙂

Ipod Front iPod rear iPod bits iPods bum

The hardest part of the process is getting the covers off in the first place, after 10 minutes of the gently gently method I realised you just have to really forceibly wedge a screwdriver in the edge and lever the panel out. The rest it is quite straight forward if you have any sort of brain matter firing proper good.

So the stages are :

  1. Popping the top and bottom covers off with a flat screw driver
  2. Unscrewing the tiny screws from the top
  3. Levering off the clip on the bottom
  4. Pushing the circuit board out of the case
  5. Unplugging the old battery
  6. Plugging in the new battery
  7. Sliding it back into the case and putting the clip and screws back in.
  8. Re-attaching the covers
  9. Reset the iPod in iTunes

Things worth noting :

  • The battery I had did not seem to fit back into where it should be, this was fixed by bending the circuit board back slightly so the battery can pop into place. By bending I do not mean BEND bend, I mean pushing the top of the board away from me slightly.
  • The bottom panel has only one way it can re-attach, if it does not reattach easily turn it the other way, do not sit there for 5 minutes trying to hammer with increasing force and sized tools looking confused, that would be something I would NEVER do :-S
  • You WILL end up screwing up the plastic where you jam the screw driver into the covers, heinsight tells a very thin knife would have been a better choice of tool.
  • Put the ipod on HOLD and turn it off before doing anything, playing around with a circuit board that is turned on and playing mp3s would be a stupid thing to do and once again something I certainly did not do :-S
  • The little hold switch circuit board at the top appeared quite flimsy and I had to be careful not to break it off
  • As a final note, I’m fairly sure this will not be the case with everyone but after installing the new battery iTunes decided the iPod was corrupt and so reset it and as I’ve been writing this has been going through a lengthy format of the iPod’s hard-drive. D’oh.

So yeh if your fairly sure you can play with electronics or played with a lot of lego as a kid then this replacement process if pretty easy. Obviously I’d say if your not sure about this sort of stuff as it can be hazardous then don’t open up your iPod in the first place and in no way is this an official guide to the process, just simply my account of what I did. Open an iPod at your own risk, I am simply stating my experiences so this must not be used a definitive guide.

3 Responses to Replacing an Ipod Mini battery

  1. Put the ipod under a hairdryer or on a heater for ten minutes before taking it apart, makes the sticky bits come off real nice. Just like your face.

  2. Or just forget about the mini, and use the microdrive in your Canon EOS 350d, just like your face.

  3. Si says:

    Screw you hippy, I think i’d rather use the 400d for my music woes i reckon, far superior than that DreeFidy D rubbish. If the ipod dies on me tis ok i got ma N80 OGGing it to the max. I was gonna hair dryer it but not being a big namby pamby girl I had no choice but to pry it open with my bare hands. grrr

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