My Big’ol Orange N80’s Firmware Update

Ah the Nokia N80, my N80, what a journey. I have never made buying the things I like easy on myself, I always want something that is new and complicated and probably doesn’t work yet and I always enjoy getting those things working as I learn about it in the process. Unfortunatly for me it seems I was a victim of timing and bought an N80 from Orange a bit too soon. What is all boils down to the software on the phone, the firmware, and a few little numbers that pop up when you dial *#0000# that suddenly make a difference as to whether your phone works or not. I was unfortunate enough to have the numer `3.0614.0.3` back in June I would have needed 3.0617.0.6 to fix my problems and the most current one (22.10.2006) `4.0623.0.41` apparently make the phone work pretty well.

The Nokia Software Update site finally listed the N80, 5 months into owning the phone, but then this software tells me `No updates are currently available` which I know is a lie, but soon find out that because of Orange’s own brand of firmware Nokia’s program won’t fix my problems. Having recently moved I was finally near a shop that would update my phone for me and so off I go and they do and I smile. Well I smile until I find that they have only updated my N80 to `3.0617.0.6` which is a start but probably wouldn’t have solved my problems entirely. Slightly annoyed I get back to my computer and restore my phone’s contacts, out of curiosity I try the Nokia Software Update again and all of a sudden it says I have an update available. It could have been the software suddenly works with Orange phones but far more likely the update I got instore opened up the phone for updating by the software. I flashed the phone and bamm I finally had the newest version which supposedly fixes my N80 up proper.

So basically if the Software Update program dosn’t like your phone try and get a shop update which will probably only up to version 3.0617.0.6 as Orange has not currently authorised any higher version (as of 22.10.2006). Then try the Nokia Software Update program again and at least in my case, I was sent version `4.0623.0.41`. Problem solved.

6 Responses to My Big’ol Orange N80’s Firmware Update

  1. No wonder your site is only worth $9, just like your face…

  2. kOoLiNuS says:

    I can confirm that 4.0623.0.41 woks well !

  3. Si says:

    Yeh v4 has some noticable changes, few days of playing and will try and write about them

  4. peteski says:

    I’ve updated to 4.0623.0.41, and my Nokia N80 is still barely working, it freezes everytime I send an SMS and also frequently when I try to disconnect a phone call.

    Everything on this phone seems slow, I wish I’d a) never went back to Nokia b) Never went to Hutchison 3G. They’re shocking.

  5. Si says:

    Unlucky, shame you were returning to Nokia as the early N80 is a bad example, I’ve been super happy with every Nokia I’ve ever had, 3220, 6230 and N80 included (problems aside). Have you tried a total reset of the phone and ordering a new SIM? I remember my N80 crashed once during a call, its seriously annoying, this before I was fixed of course.

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