Mr Scruff

So yeh Mr Scruff, last time I saw him was at Eden and that was top notch stuff. This time at the Academy I could not help but feel he was playing far more to the club side of his music compared to what he plays at his dedicated events. The music is still far above anything you’ll hear on a typical night in a typical club but I was expecting more of his trip than his hop, oh well still good stuff. Was good to have a good solid night of dancing, as has been the case before I have had to tear myself off the floor to hydrate and the life saving brew at 1am is exactly what you need to get you going again, genious.

4 Responses to Mr Scruff

  1. Ooh! Ooh, agh. Ooh, sorry, I’m still getting flashbacks from New Year, when I saw Keith Flint being rushed to hospital after claiming he could eat sodium. What a classic flourish!

  2. Si says:

    Theres a walrus you can test your drugs on, just make sure you know what an off colour sealion looks like…

  3. petegraham says:

    Si I am eagerly awaiting your “why I hate puppies” post. Personally I find horses very ugly so think I may have to write a blog about that next week.

  4. Si says:

    Horses are probably the worst, all big and knowing.. but puppies are still pretty bad.. article coming up..

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