My Shiny New Nikon D80

My Shiny New Nikon D80

Oh ohh whats Simon gone and done now,he’s gone a bit mental and given into his brain and gone and bought him self a spankin new Nikon D80 body with a fetching Sigma 18-50mm Lens, woo. I have been feeling the new tech twitch for a while now and was pestering local camera shops about Cannon’s 350d/400d but all I felt was reserved fear about the money I was spending. Then recently the D80 dropped from way outa my price range to not far off and it just felt so right, so pure, so.. well you get the idea. This coupled with a little pay rise i’d got recently pushed that little bit to far and so this mildly warm afternoon after an overly sweaty session at the gym I skipped off to a lovely camera type man who took away my money. woo.

Can’t say much more, gotta go play, too many buttons and I have no idea what they do :-S


2 Responses to My Shiny New Nikon D80

  1. Glad to see your lens came with a hood, it will definitely make it look like you know what your doing.

  2. Si says:

    I’m gonna get a T shirt that says `I know what Im doing` think that might help?

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