Big Lens and Big Balls

My D80 with 70-300mm

It happens, you go into a camera shop wanting a bag to protect your precious and you walk out with a new lens. Not a problem, so I was going to buy one eventually why not now, why not indeed.  I’m pretty sure the sales man knew what he was doing when he said I should try it, damm him, it’s a 70-300mm so I could see into frickin next week with this thing.  So yeh I got it and it is a monster, very satisfyingly big and chunky, which leads me to the point my friend made `Over compensating are we` I’m gonna say no but it does feel great to have a mofo of a lens stonkingly straddling my cam so… probably :-‘

3 Responses to Big Lens and Big Balls

  1. Nick says:

    well if you were over-compensating you’d need to have a small willy, and we all know the weapon you’re packing is a beast yo.

  2. Ryan Ayash says:

    Man this great when its a sunny day…but if a cloud blocks the sun..You’re screwed!

  3. Si says:

    Yeah the tiny apeture is the price you pay for the light weight, low price, I’m looking at a £300ish VR model to help me out when light isnt ideal.

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