My Nikon D80

Ok where to begin, going from not really having much of an idea about the various aspects of taking a photo to figuring out an SLR is quite a leap. Having used my IXUS 50 for some time I knew about White balences, ISOs and a few other aspects like that but basically I have gone into this clueless. Good idea, no… Fun, Yes yes yes…

In the past few weeks of using this beast of a camera the only thing I have realised for certain is that I do not know what I’m doing. Having the mode wheel set to auto does certainly seem to produce some great images which is reassuring however knowing to do get the result I want is another matter and the only solution is to click everywhere at everything.

This thing does feel fantastic to hold, very solid and very sturdy with millions of buttons to fiddle with. Using it gives no problems at all, turn it on and its good to go, no waiting or any noticable shutter lag which were real problems with all my point and shoots I’ve used. The screen protector is a god send as every bit of tech I own I really worry about the screen but with this on I do not think twice about it. The battery life is fine and will quite happily take more photos that I can fit in the memory, in the menu there is a very nifty indicator of how many shots you probably have left and how many more charges the battery will take, which frankly everything ever should have on it.

Anywho within the few weeks of relentlessly snapping with this I seem to have got the idea of Depth of Field (blurry backgrounds) and how to get away with not using the flash indoors but still so much to play with. Very fun.

3 Responses to My Nikon D80

  1. Vic* says:

    You’re producing some lovely photos. I’ve been looking at the on Flickr. Most impressed. You certainly deserve your title of Gadget Whore! Hehe!

  2. Si says:

    I’ve stolen the title from u at last.. woho.. in your face, in your face.. well i dont go walking around pretti hills like wot u do wif ur kamera so i gotta compete some how 😉

  3. Dan says:

    Damn you and your camera! Those pics are really cool. Was great to see ya and Jen at the weekend have fun in Cornwall

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