Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz

So yeh you know how it is you go the cinema you get in for free you sit down and eat your free pop corn, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost popup to introduce their film and on comes the film no trailers nothing, bam Hot Fuzz is on. Just another normal trip to the cinema I guess yeh, I wish. Man I love screenings even more than ever now, its how the cinema should be. We didn’t know they were gonna be there so how jaw droppingly chuffed was Jen and I when in they wander, utterly awesomely awesome. They came back after the film for a typical style Q&A and Jen fired off a question, go her, I didnt as I got too self concious about asking a crap question, looser. Very funny guys though.

If you want a quick review well the Hot Fuzz, wow, how great, a friend of a friend had said it was better than Shawn of the Dead to which I pulled one of those `you shouldnt throw around those kind of words lightly` kinda faces and didnt think anything of it. I get it now, it’s definitly up there with Shawn of the Dead and its not just Spaced in the police, its genuinely a great Slasher Action Comedy (couldnt think of a whitty abbreviation for it sorry) and shows how a British film can hold its own against anything Holywood can even hope to throw at us. Great action, great comedy, perhaps all the best things in life are free after all. Awesome.

3 Responses to Hot Fuzz

  1. We’re off to see it tonight, very excited.

    See you Saturday loser,

    Lauz xx

  2. Vic* says:

    I am so jealous. I hate you. Damn you to hell Lawson 😦

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