UK photography to be illegal, a petition told me.

I’ve been hearing random things about the idea that new legislation is being brought in to ban public photography in the UK. `How odd` I thought, `perhaps the state is planning to take control of us all slowly as so many films have warned me`. So of course I go to this online petition sign my details up because of course I would not stand for a government I’m paying for to no let me take photos of the streets I have also paid for.

I then step back, think to myself, why would anyone want to do this, what would be the point and in no way is it enforceable? I research further, well Google around a bit anyway, and of course it has all been blown out of proportion. David Kessel, publicity secretary for the Southern Photographic Federation at some point mentioned the idea of amateur photographers having an ID card of some sort to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, but his idea is apparently being turned down as being just plain silly. As it always goes people learn of something, the possible implications of that something are then talked around and turn into certain fact.

I shall remember from now on to ignore news that blatently makes no sense.

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