Salling Clicker – iTunes remote control through your phone

When I first got my N80 I loved the idea Nokia had of being able to use the wifi to remote control your PC and play video and all that wonderful stuff.  What Simon didn’t love was that the software used to make it all work was slow and shonky.  It would take days to find the songs and videos, hours starting up seeing if anything new is there, minutes to respond to anything you told it to do and seconds to eat up half the memory you had to just sit there and do nothing. Very very shoddy and horrible to use.

So I read about this here Salling Clicker mobile thang and am cautious but you know hey its a Monday bank holiday, if you cant go crazy then, then when can you. Armed with my sense of adventure I give it a go, it supported my N80, that was a good start, it sorted out all the what to install for me, lovely, so I fire it up and connect using the Wifi. Right away on my phone I can choose iTunes, Media Player or Powerpoint, I choose iTunes and holy crap my PC fires up iTunes and its good to go, you even get a little iPod style display on the phone to use, awesome.

Using the trial version is a pain in the arse as it disconnects after 30 commands but I’ll give it a go and see if I actually end up using it. I think I will as I hate leaving the kitchen to skip tracks while cooking, I’m just glad someone made this program well enough to only use 10meg of memory so I’m happy to leave it in the background. Simon is a happy techie.

2 Responses to Salling Clicker – iTunes remote control through your phone

  1. Toast says:

    Oi you 😀

    I have tagged you. you must do as I say or…..or, er, well never mind, just write seven things about yourself 😀

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