Simon’s New Computer

picture-005-medium.jpg picture-009-medium.jpg

Oh yes… its that time again, once every two years a very special event happens, Simon gets shiny new computer bits. My current system was starting to show its age, having to play games on lower and lower setting was getting too much and the constant overheating from years of being overclocked by 25% was starting to annoy, also my long awaited purchase of the game Stalker was too much, I wanted all the prettyness. Within the hour I was on to Scan to grab my goodies.

What I’ve ended up with is a Core 2 Duo 2.1Ghz currently at 2.8Ghz, 2Gb of Corsair XMS DDR2 and a Nvidia 8800GTS… which as I am sure we are all aware = MakeGamesGoSuperRealGoodNow Machine, also all the photo processing I am doing now will actually happen within the hour woho! The one thing I am not ready for though is the jump to Vista, not ready for that downgrade yet. When all those DirectX 10 games (‘Alan Wake’ anyone?) happen I’ll maybe consider it, until then I’ll enjoy the relitive wealth of speed and comsumer rights XP has.

One thing I did not expect is how large CPU coolers have become, this beasty Zalman thing I got is amazing, nicely quiet and keeps my widdle Core2 at a healthy 45c-50c no problem, but its just so strange how this design can work so well, heat pipes are an odd invention. The other thing is the amount of power graphics cards now need, 2 12v power connectors on different rails! flipping mental, good job I did not go with the 8800GTX graphics, need 4 of those things to get going. I get the feeling I’m really pushing my 340w power supply on this new system, its still working so we shall see.

All in all, a lot of money, unscrewing, sweat and a little bit of blood later I got my self happiness in a box, for another few years anywho… Obivion, daddys coming back!! :S

4 Responses to Simon’s New Computer

  1. Caro says:

    Can you play worms on it?

  2. Si says:

    that costs extra..

  3. Nick says:

    That’s a mighty heat pipe…

  4. Si says:

    Actually three bent back on themselves so there are 6 pipes at the base with a big ass loada copper cooling them down.. works very well..

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