My New Telly


Oh oh, whats Simon bought now. Well it seems to be a 40` Sony Bravia LCD Television in swish black and its making him very happy indeed.  For too long have I been bathed in the radiation of my CRT watching standard def television squinting at the meger 28` of horror that would go make colours go wierd when ever I put Family Guy on. No more I say no more, I now have a TV thats lets you know its there, in the lounge you see the couches, you see the piles of various media stacked up in every corner and now you also see an enormous goram TV saying “Hello, I’m here you should probably watch me”. Nice.

4 Responses to My New Telly

  1. Barry says:

    Awww.. what happemed to the old relic that was my tele?!

  2. Si says:

    is going up on gumtree unless you want it back for old times sake? only seems right that it lives in swansea 😀

  3. Vic* says:

    Love the use of the word goram! Bring back Firefly I tells ya!
    Nice looking tv! 😀

  4. Dad says:

    How did you get it downstairs? I’ll bet Vicky carried it for you.

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