Hot Fuzz

February 9, 2007

Hot Fuzz

So yeh you know how it is you go the cinema you get in for free you sit down and eat your free pop corn, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost popup to introduce their film and on comes the film no trailers nothing, bam Hot Fuzz is on. Just another normal trip to the cinema I guess yeh, I wish. Man I love screenings even more than ever now, its how the cinema should be. We didn’t know they were gonna be there so how jaw droppingly chuffed was Jen and I when in they wander, utterly awesomely awesome. They came back after the film for a typical style Q&A and Jen fired off a question, go her, I didnt as I got too self concious about asking a crap question, looser. Very funny guys though.

If you want a quick review well the Hot Fuzz, wow, how great, a friend of a friend had said it was better than Shawn of the Dead to which I pulled one of those `you shouldnt throw around those kind of words lightly` kinda faces and didnt think anything of it. I get it now, it’s definitly up there with Shawn of the Dead and its not just Spaced in the police, its genuinely a great Slasher Action Comedy (couldnt think of a whitty abbreviation for it sorry) and shows how a British film can hold its own against anything Holywood can even hope to throw at us. Great action, great comedy, perhaps all the best things in life are free after all. Awesome.


Superman Returns

July 19, 2006

Aside from Lois’s son, it’s ideas and script from the first one, but prettier. Its alright though.

Tom yum goong, a Tony Jaa film

July 16, 2006


OMFG, by far the best film I’ve seen all year despite all of it failings and trust when I say there are.  The absolute lack of coherent story line is bewildering and laughable most of the time however the running theme of dear old Tony has had his elephant, and he is a little ticked off, is all you really need to know.  Ignoring this minor matter, what you have left to balance this lack of script other than “Where’s my elephant” is perhaps the best action I have ever seen ever, ever.

Having gotten used to fast-cut CG’ed fight scenes where you do not see much, seen at its worst in the new Blade TV series, was truly mind boggling to see the things being done by just people who know what they are doing.  Every one of the many many many many fight scenes left me amazed at what was being recorded.  Perhaps the best of all was Tony breaking the limbs of what must have been over 100 people in more ways then I knew possible, `and I trying not sounding arrogent` know a lot of ways to break limbs.  Absolutely unbelievable what he was doing.  Also worth mentioning the 5 minutes nonstop fight scene, must have taken soooo so so so long to get that take, Tony Jaa is a god among men who can not also fly it seems but also be able to perfectly execute moves without the need to stop and have a cup of tea.  Incredible.

I want to see if I can get an edited version where it cuts out all the confusing and silly narrative and just cuts to the next scene where Tony hails “Wheres my elephant” and more death reigns.  Truly the best film I’ve seen in a long time.


Pirates of the Caribbean II

July 9, 2006

Hum well yes, the word `Meh` certainly does fit this film quite nicely.  I was really excited about this film, I loved the first one, probably only because of Jonney and the greatness he brings to any film. However the producers did not seem to realise this otherwise this sequal would have been 90 minutes of Jonney going `yarr`, unfortunatly this was not the case.

After arriving for an 8pm showing and being greeted by enormous lines and a sign saying `sold out` we decided to hang around till the 9pm showing and queue in an equally enormous line, no fun there then.  So yeh started well, Jonney soon makes his entrance, makes you laugh, then the mistake of a large number of scenes without him in ensues, whats all that about.  I couldn’t help but feel this film was bring held back by people saying `the last film did well, lets keep everything the same as before` and thats what watching it felt like.  All the scenes feel disjointed and the story line just seems to be a way of leading onto another typical priate scene you have kind of seen in the last film.

I have always seen the good Mr Depp in roles which he has created himself and made his own and I couldnt help but feel like he wasn’t allowed to progress his Captain Jack as I got the feeling of well he’s just done it all before.  It isnt that I didnt like the film, it was funny and AMAZING graphics but certainly wasn’t as good as the first one and if it wasn’t for my favourite man it would have fallen over completely.  The film finishes setting itself up for the 3rd, I’d guess that that will be more of the same, don’t think i’ll go and see that one, renter at best.



June 25, 2006

Wow what a film.  Jet Li's last film and he goes with a bang.  I don't know if its a true story or based on a true story or something but I'd like to think Jet Li wanted to do this to show people what Woshu (and every martial art) was about, not just how pretty it is and it is by the way, very pretty.  You can see how elegant the art is when contrasted with the Japaneese arts shown at the end, huge difference.  Definitlely appreciated the 3 section staff fight, such a hard weapon to use yet you see it and cant believe whats being done with it.

It was good to see a good bit of hand to hand in the film though there was pretty much every eastern weapon you can imagine used at some point.  There are loads of fight scenes in there all beautifully done, none of that cut&paste close ups that annoy me oh so much, little bit of wire work and them bringing a world of pain, really enjoyed the film.  It had a point to bring but didn't scarifice the pretty pretty fight scenes.  Well worth seeing if you do a martial art, well worth seeing if you don't 🙂


Life Aquatic

June 15, 2006

Its rare when a film keeps on going over and over in my head, it’s even rarer when I see a trailer and really don’t like the look of it then end up watching it when I don’t especially feel like watching a film. Basically, it had a lot of work to do to get me to like it but wow did it work hard.

Having gone off Bill Murray since seeing Lost in Translation as have realised he always plays the same guy. After the first few minutes I’m thinking oh here we go again, 2 hours of somber Bill doing his thing. All I can say is that it’s nice his style works so well in the film. Since seeing him in Broken Flower aswell Bill is back on my good side god bless him.

I think the thing that keep on playing on my mind is Geff Goldblum’s character. Not sure why, I think its because his character is really off beat with the rest of the film, though the whole film is offbeat so I suppose it ties in nicely but he seems a further minim from the rest of the film. I dunno, but anywho yeh loved the film despite all the resistance at the beginning. Such a good style of sober crazyness, abolsultely loved the random bizzare animated creatures they stick in throughout the film. Definitly going to be looking out for more Wes Anderson films, very funny, obsurd and engrossing. 🙂



May 25, 2006

Don’t think I have a hell of a lot to say, excellent film, the reviews said it was fairly standard, I disagree, awesome awesome awesome. Start to finish action and cool stuff happening, what more do you want. Lots of nods to the fan-boys, lots of random mutant powers, lots of fun.. wooo