Trev the Squirril

January 28, 2007

Trev the SquirrilFrickin love this photo, as a result of waking up too early after a night out I decided to walk off my woes around Swansea beach before waking people up for a fry up. Going through the park I got a few shots of trees and such then noticed all the wilflife and whipped out my telephoto. Finally I’ve managed to get some good shots with this beast, the trick is put it down somewhere the mini tripod I carry around falls over with lens on, doh. But yeh got some very cool close up shots and some cool beach shots. I’m so proud lol.


Orton Candles

January 7, 2007

Woo, I’m learning things. After reading about how to create a Orton Effect photo and some of the fantastic photos it creates on Flickr I had to try it. Ok so it is of a candle in my living room but that isnt the point, as long as you have a tripod its quite easy to do and looks great.

The basic idea of it is that you take two photos 2/3 exposure marks apart, one in focus, one out and then you assemble them together. In the good old days this would have taken a lot of skilled work probably involving liquids and rubber gloves. Luckily for me photoshop is able to put these two photos together and multiply their colours and hey presto what do you get a wierd sharp/blurry colours photo.. I feel so proud 🙂

My Nikon D80

December 9, 2006

Ok where to begin, going from not really having much of an idea about the various aspects of taking a photo to figuring out an SLR is quite a leap. Having used my IXUS 50 for some time I knew about White balences, ISOs and a few other aspects like that but basically I have gone into this clueless. Good idea, no… Fun, Yes yes yes…

In the past few weeks of using this beast of a camera the only thing I have realised for certain is that I do not know what I’m doing. Having the mode wheel set to auto does certainly seem to produce some great images which is reassuring however knowing to do get the result I want is another matter and the only solution is to click everywhere at everything.

This thing does feel fantastic to hold, very solid and very sturdy with millions of buttons to fiddle with. Using it gives no problems at all, turn it on and its good to go, no waiting or any noticable shutter lag which were real problems with all my point and shoots I’ve used. The screen protector is a god send as every bit of tech I own I really worry about the screen but with this on I do not think twice about it. The battery life is fine and will quite happily take more photos that I can fit in the memory, in the menu there is a very nifty indicator of how many shots you probably have left and how many more charges the battery will take, which frankly everything ever should have on it.

Anywho within the few weeks of relentlessly snapping with this I seem to have got the idea of Depth of Field (blurry backgrounds) and how to get away with not using the flash indoors but still so much to play with. Very fun.


Big Lens and Big Balls

December 2, 2006

My D80 with 70-300mm

It happens, you go into a camera shop wanting a bag to protect your precious and you walk out with a new lens. Not a problem, so I was going to buy one eventually why not now, why not indeed.  I’m pretty sure the sales man knew what he was doing when he said I should try it, damm him, it’s a 70-300mm so I could see into frickin next week with this thing.  So yeh I got it and it is a monster, very satisfyingly big and chunky, which leads me to the point my friend made `Over compensating are we` I’m gonna say no but it does feel great to have a mofo of a lens stonkingly straddling my cam so… probably :-‘


My Shiny New Nikon D80

November 29, 2006

My Shiny New Nikon D80

Oh ohh whats Simon gone and done now,he’s gone a bit mental and given into his brain and gone and bought him self a spankin new Nikon D80 body with a fetching Sigma 18-50mm Lens, woo. I have been feeling the new tech twitch for a while now and was pestering local camera shops about Cannon’s 350d/400d but all I felt was reserved fear about the money I was spending. Then recently the D80 dropped from way outa my price range to not far off and it just felt so right, so pure, so.. well you get the idea. This coupled with a little pay rise i’d got recently pushed that little bit to far and so this mildly warm afternoon after an overly sweaty session at the gym I skipped off to a lovely camera type man who took away my money. woo.

Can’t say much more, gotta go play, too many buttons and I have no idea what they do :-S