Whos to blame

April 28, 2007

The Daily Show : Who’s to Blame

The more I see The Daily Show the more it seems to me to be the only show in America that speaks any sort of sense, out of the American shows I see over in England anyway.  When I see they are talking about the Virginia Tech shooting I can only guess how they are going to laugh about it.  I was glad when they decided to highlight how awful the media gets post tragedy and get into the whole `what one thing is to blame except us` debate.  There is nothing I hate more than ignorant people expressing ignorant views but when they make it onto TV it defies belief and in America they seem to be out right in charge.  I hear about people coming out and saying he must have played computer games, he must have watched movies, heaven forbid it was just the result of a lifetime of choices resulting in one awful act when someone can outright blame one thing to forward their own agenda.

This culture of the easy answer is just so wrong for so many reasons. Why ever bother trying to ban anything when you have a society that allows easy access to guns, there always will be someone out there who will just snap for reasons far beyond seeing a film of zombies or watching some pixels fall down. What is by far the more important issue is what can they get hold of when they do.

Anyway well done Daily Show, your convincing me that not all of American TV is run by the stupid.


Ode to Stargate :(

March 15, 2007

The day any geek fears, their favourite show comes to an end, today is my day of mourning for SG1. What started off as something to watch that was a bit different from Star Trek soon grew into my series of choice. I watched it on Channel 4 since it was on, I watched it on Sky One when I could get cable, I’d run round to friends houses during those annoying times when moving house and the cable isn’t turned on yet. As sad as it is to admit, mates would gather on Tuesday nights for the 2 hour SG1 / Atlantis sessions, which even brought two of said friends together and (at least since last time I herd) are still going strong.

Its had its great episodes, its had its bad episodes (the `family values` episode with like two more to go before the end of the whole show, how weak was that), its awesome share of comedy episodes, a standard by which all non comedy shows should be judged, I’ve seen them all and now there will be no more. All that remains is a pile of box sets for a speaker stand and a photo of me and Tony Amendola (Bra’Tac).

So take this lesson and heed it, love what you have and enjoy it well as sooner or later Fox will take’ith away.

The Peaking Game

January 16, 2007

The game is simple and as men we’ve all played it, now simulate it, this is surely what the internet if for.  Any better reasons I can’t think of any.



99% of the people you will ever meet in college

December 13, 2006

99% of the people you will ever meet in college

An interesting post on Something Aweful about the people you’ll meet in Uni. All strangly true with haling from a Computer Science ilk atleast. I’m not proud to say I fit the `The Sociable Slacker` and have used the `Lets get a beer later` after borrowing the notes, how ever at least I follow through, mostly :s

I especially like the follow up someone posted on The Vally Girl top notch, obviously went to Swansea aswell. 🙂


SomethingAweful Physics Video

October 15, 2006

An awesome video of physics simulations, its amazing what people choose to model, I hope these devices never reach a construction stage.


New Red Bull Offices?

September 25, 2006

Red Bull Offices

Is it just me or does everything look like it’s off the set of Logans Run?

All that white and straight sharp lines, hurts my eyes even looking at the photos.  I can not help but think that working there I would feel on edge the whole time, like someone’s going to kill me on my birthday.  With that said I love the ping pong meeting room, kudos on that.


Gotta love Venn Diagrams :)

August 26, 2006