Simon’s New Computer

June 19, 2007
picture-005-medium.jpg picture-009-medium.jpg

Oh yes… its that time again, once every two years a very special event happens, Simon gets shiny new computer bits. My current system was starting to show its age, having to play games on lower and lower setting was getting too much and the constant overheating from years of being overclocked by 25% was starting to annoy, also my long awaited purchase of the game Stalker was too much, I wanted all the prettyness. Within the hour I was on to Scan to grab my goodies.

What I’ve ended up with is a Core 2 Duo 2.1Ghz currently at 2.8Ghz, 2Gb of Corsair XMS DDR2 and a Nvidia 8800GTS… which as I am sure we are all aware = MakeGamesGoSuperRealGoodNow Machine, also all the photo processing I am doing now will actually happen within the hour woho! The one thing I am not ready for though is the jump to Vista, not ready for that downgrade yet. When all those DirectX 10 games (‘Alan Wake’ anyone?) happen I’ll maybe consider it, until then I’ll enjoy the relitive wealth of speed and comsumer rights XP has.

One thing I did not expect is how large CPU coolers have become, this beasty Zalman thing I got is amazing, nicely quiet and keeps my widdle Core2 at a healthy 45c-50c no problem, but its just so strange how this design can work so well, heat pipes are an odd invention. The other thing is the amount of power graphics cards now need, 2 12v power connectors on different rails! flipping mental, good job I did not go with the 8800GTX graphics, need 4 of those things to get going. I get the feeling I’m really pushing my 340w power supply on this new system, its still working so we shall see.

All in all, a lot of money, unscrewing, sweat and a little bit of blood later I got my self happiness in a box, for another few years anywho… Obivion, daddys coming back!! :S


Hot Fuzz

February 9, 2007

Hot Fuzz

So yeh you know how it is you go the cinema you get in for free you sit down and eat your free pop corn, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost popup to introduce their film and on comes the film no trailers nothing, bam Hot Fuzz is on. Just another normal trip to the cinema I guess yeh, I wish. Man I love screenings even more than ever now, its how the cinema should be. We didn’t know they were gonna be there so how jaw droppingly chuffed was Jen and I when in they wander, utterly awesomely awesome. They came back after the film for a typical style Q&A and Jen fired off a question, go her, I didnt as I got too self concious about asking a crap question, looser. Very funny guys though.

If you want a quick review well the Hot Fuzz, wow, how great, a friend of a friend had said it was better than Shawn of the Dead to which I pulled one of those `you shouldnt throw around those kind of words lightly` kinda faces and didnt think anything of it. I get it now, it’s definitly up there with Shawn of the Dead and its not just Spaced in the police, its genuinely a great Slasher Action Comedy (couldnt think of a whitty abbreviation for it sorry) and shows how a British film can hold its own against anything Holywood can even hope to throw at us. Great action, great comedy, perhaps all the best things in life are free after all. Awesome.

Trev the Squirril

January 28, 2007

Trev the SquirrilFrickin love this photo, as a result of waking up too early after a night out I decided to walk off my woes around Swansea beach before waking people up for a fry up. Going through the park I got a few shots of trees and such then noticed all the wilflife and whipped out my telephoto. Finally I’ve managed to get some good shots with this beast, the trick is put it down somewhere the mini tripod I carry around falls over with lens on, doh. But yeh got some very cool close up shots and some cool beach shots. I’m so proud lol.


Big Lens and Big Balls

December 2, 2006

My D80 with 70-300mm

It happens, you go into a camera shop wanting a bag to protect your precious and you walk out with a new lens. Not a problem, so I was going to buy one eventually why not now, why not indeed.  I’m pretty sure the sales man knew what he was doing when he said I should try it, damm him, it’s a 70-300mm so I could see into frickin next week with this thing.  So yeh I got it and it is a monster, very satisfyingly big and chunky, which leads me to the point my friend made `Over compensating are we` I’m gonna say no but it does feel great to have a mofo of a lens stonkingly straddling my cam so… probably :-‘


My Shiny New Nikon D80

November 29, 2006

My Shiny New Nikon D80

Oh ohh whats Simon gone and done now,he’s gone a bit mental and given into his brain and gone and bought him self a spankin new Nikon D80 body with a fetching Sigma 18-50mm Lens, woo. I have been feeling the new tech twitch for a while now and was pestering local camera shops about Cannon’s 350d/400d but all I felt was reserved fear about the money I was spending. Then recently the D80 dropped from way outa my price range to not far off and it just felt so right, so pure, so.. well you get the idea. This coupled with a little pay rise i’d got recently pushed that little bit to far and so this mildly warm afternoon after an overly sweaty session at the gym I skipped off to a lovely camera type man who took away my money. woo.

Can’t say much more, gotta go play, too many buttons and I have no idea what they do :-S



Mr Scruff

November 19, 2006

So yeh Mr Scruff, last time I saw him was at Eden and that was top notch stuff. This time at the Academy I could not help but feel he was playing far more to the club side of his music compared to what he plays at his dedicated events. The music is still far above anything you’ll hear on a typical night in a typical club but I was expecting more of his trip than his hop, oh well still good stuff. Was good to have a good solid night of dancing, as has been the case before I have had to tear myself off the floor to hydrate and the life saving brew at 1am is exactly what you need to get you going again, genious.


Embrace @ Colston Hall, Bristol

September 27, 2006


Jen and I went to see Embrace play at Colston Hall, loved the building, the one thing I always thought Swansea lacked was a decent concery hall. The Delays were a good warm up band and as is the tradition I shall find their album and buy it, I’m such a tool.

Great gig, was 1 person deep from the front so I thought an ideal position for some good photos, it appears I was wrong as every scene I try and get was obscured by a tall bloke in the front.. grr.. oh well. Definitely the most sucessful number of half decent photos taken at a gig I done yet. Soo so so so hard to get any sort or shot with so little light around but I took soo many at least a few had to have come out well. So yeh all good 🙂