Who is this Simon Lawson?
I need to tell you? Really, fine if you havnt heard the legends I should probably tell you. Well He’s this guy who had way too much time once and started a website about absolutly nothing, then his time started to fissle away into nothingness but the website remained. Over the years he occasionally decided to update it and then leave it for another year or two. Then he descovered digital cameras and how easy it is to ridicule people if you take photos of them and put them online. His renewed interest for blogging began again and more so after he figured out Flickr. With the new ease of shoving photos online he then realised that perhaps is should also not be such a pain in the arse to shove text online either, hence what you see today, the Sharp Edge WordPressed, lovely.

What else do you do you sad man?
When Im not professionally stareing at screens not doing much or learning to spell, I’m hurting people in the style of Jiu Jitsu, Swimming (in a swimming pool of water) or crime fighting with a talking cat. Its all good.

Why the Sharp Edge?
I started my homepage in 1995 for no reason inparticular other than something to do and I named it the Sharp Edge, once again for no reason inparticular.

Why? Just Why?
Since I started the site it has gone through many many reworkings, not suprisingly about once every summer and easter when things to do are a bit thin on the ground. Originally I used this site as a simple blag and it was never really visited that much, all that changed when I added the Tomb Raider part of it though in about 1996 and tied it to 3 Tomb Raider web rings which very rapidly romped up my visits to a staggering 20 hits / day. Since then I played all the Tomb Raider games and after the 3rd I realised that they were all a bit the same and my attention went on to other Starcraft related things 🙂 . I kept the site though just for the visits. This reworking of the site is the first one since 1996 that does not have the Tomb Raider section, its for the best.

Anthing else?

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