Before you are disappointed no these tracks are not MP3’s there not even real instruments, they are MIDIs which will be blindingly obvious when/if you download them, before us computery types had the power, storage or opertunity to compress audio in any useful way we would use a General MIDI System which works by the computer already having lots of instrument sounds in its sound card, all it needs to know is what note to play using what instrument. This meant that instrumentals could be stored even by standards 10 years ago using very little space and CPU power. MIDIs still exist today as it is the standard way keyboards communicate with computers. Just to disclaim my self here I made these MIDIs a very long time ago, 1998ish, and wether or not my musical ability has improved or not is not in question here, the defence I use here for these tunes is that I was using a keyboard which probably only worked with MIDI by accident and I didn’t have much clue about music theory then, I could simply play the piano.

Saying that I am still quite proud of the MIDIs, obviously otherwise they would still not be here, it is more of a tradition really that I have my MIDIs on my site as I have done since 1995 since I made my first edition of The Sharp Edge. One day I might even decide I need to add new MIDIs to the site, having more suitable equipment for the job (I shant go into detail but the work KORG comes into it).

Have a good listen if you can be arsed and feel free to let me know what you think good or bad, just not improvements, they will NEVER be done.

Usage Guidelines
God only knows why you would want to do this but I have had a few requests before so I would like to say this. If you want to use these MIDIs for what ever reason firstly let me know and ask permission. Secondly you are more than welcome to alter and play with these tracks but do not pass them off entirly as your own that annoys me. Thridly actually I dont think there is a third but you get the idea, aslong as credit is given I’m happy.

Update: Epp just updated this page so the Midi’s show up and I’m almost ashamed to have them up now. Think I might take up making them again just to prove I can kinda do this stuff. Taking them down isnt an option so.. oh well.. enjoy if you can..?? 🙂

Explore.mid This is background music really and I know that this midi is not very good but I have not made one in over 5 months so I need to get more practice before I start making ones I like again Not Good
Heart & Soul.mid You will find an older version of this easily played tune further down the list, always nice to hear this I reckon. Not too bad
Ended.mid As I have not made a midi in a while, I quickly made one and it shows. Not brillient I’ll make a better one when I have nore time…. OK
Knight Fever.mid Sounds good at the begining but it kinds of looses it after that (Like every other really) Not too Bad
Born To Move Lots.mid As you can see I could not think of a decent name, the midi’s not bad have a look and see if you like it, but be warned it is not brillent OKish
Loving Memories.mid Made for the memory of Alaina Langdon, a very good friend Centimental
Wider Waker.mid I dont normally make fast running midis but I thought this one sounded alright so I carried it on Techno type of thing
Free Mind.mid This little tune sounds alright after listening to it a few times, mainly I was messing around with the drums on this one Quite Good
Sky Walking.mid This song isnt bad but it dosent sound quite right !! Not bad
And I started to Cry.mid Ok, so this song sounds terrible, but it does have words, they were made up about 4 years ago by a friend. The words arnt that good either to tell the truth but I thought it would be a laugh so I whipped up this little song. If you want the words then E-mail me and sing away to your hearts content. Need lyrics to like it
Morning Moonlight.mid Now I have got time on my hands, I have carried on making descent midi’s, unlike the two below that were a product of bordom Give it a try
Silent Movement.mid In this song I added a bit near the begining for the sake of variety, but made it sound worse by doing it. Ok, but not brillient
Not Living With Jeff I was going to call it “Fly-By Road” but then thought, Na, so I chose a more interesting name, considering I did not feel up to making this midi it isQuite good but slightly dodgy
In The Begining.mid This song is short (only 20 seconds) but what there is of it is alright if you like Short songs
Opening Mk II.mid The new opening midi to my web site, the first one is lower down Very Heavenly
Hillside Hero.mid I think my midi’s are getting better and better, this one only but helps me prove that. Likeable
Interactive.mid Normally a song that I make reminds me of something, but this one did n’t so I was a bit stuck for a name. In the end “Interactive” seemed to suit the song. Better than most
Duty in Heaven.mid This song has a heavanly feel to it, so get into the meditation postion and try and get back up afterwards, Not bad at all
Pine Apple Island.mid This is song is alright, it feels like a tropical island song but my friend thinks it should be called Pineapple city instead ALRIGHT
Waiting with Coco.mid A Strange name to go with a strange song Wierd but good
Mellow Hill.mid As the song says, it is very mellow and sad, it was supposed to be a bit like a swamp with mist surrounding it Peaceful
The Opening.mid You used to hear this at the start of my web page but now there is a new one higher up, Short
Christmas Wind With FX.mid The same as Summer Wind but using only the effect instruments similar
Summer Wind II.mid This is the result of my new method of making music, I think this song is good, even the name, I think it is WELL ACE
Creepy Neighbourhood.mid This song is good in the sence that it is different, but not that good on tune Alright
Final Operation.mid A song that has no connection with the title but sounds ALRIGHT
What We Call Beer.mid A song with no main tune but on the up side the word “Beer” is in the title Spookly good
Open Air.mid A strange title to a strange song but I personally think it is quite GOOD
The Garden.mid I do not know why this reminded me of a garden but I just thought it appropreate similar to OPEN AIR so just as good
Japaya.mid This is the first midi that I have felt proud of, although it is not perfect, it comes pritty damm close BRILLIENT
Tada.mid You would probably reconise the basic beat of this tune, I do not know why I did this. Also at points the beat drifts a bit Not that good but not bad
Green Sleaves.mid I am even sorry for putting this midi on my site, it is that bad Rubbish
Noise.mid At last I have figured out the drum kits, but it still has not made the midi’s any better, this is just supposed to be a lot of random noise but I think it is COOL
Tree.mid This one is still quite good but not perfect, I do not know why I called it TREE
Deep Below.mid Now I have got a decent midi maker, this is the result. It is Good in parts
Atmosphere.mid This one is my first ever midi, I do not really like it but it is only my first, This sounds best from an AWE sound card
Heart.mid This is the song HEART & SOUL It is Quite good
Walking.mid There is not really a way to describe this song, but the one thing that does is that is it Not very Good
I wish I knew what it would be like to be free.mid This is the song that comes from the intro of FILM 97, I think that by my standards this is Alright, barely
Egypt.mid As far as my songs go, this is what I would call a sucessful improvisation Reasonably good
Space Dou.mid My friend chose the name and I made the song, as you will see this was made in about 3 minutes (different AWE table advised)

2 Responses to MIDIs

  1. bjrhodes says:

    Yay! finally a use for that ludicrously expensive soundcard! Do you have an X-Fi? If so do you play with the 3D midi program. It rocks and I love it. Oh, and I love you, as an afterthought there… X 🙂

  2. EncoroPlolf says:

    Nice writing=D will definitely come back again soon=)

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